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Bowling Ball Shot Dispenser

Bowling Ball Shot Dispenser


     Mid-century Bowling Ball Shot Dispenser. This retro cocktail dispenser is disguised as a bowling ball trophy. The ball is composed of two silver reflective sections with a fully dimensional 2.75" tall trophy-style eagle finial at the top. The eagle functions as a handle, allowing the top to be lifted off easily. 
     The lower portion of the ball is equipped with a removable pump action cocktail dispenser at the center, which is surrounded by a polished chrome rotating carousel collar with six holes. The holes accommodate the shot glasses; two are decorated with green bands, two with blue bands, and two with red bands (see photos).

The set is in fair condition with no missing parts. There is rust inside the lower half of the ball. As a vintage item, there are other signs of age such as minor scuffs on the ball itself. It should be noted that while the dispenser is present and the pump action is operational, the item does not dispense liquid when the pump is utilized, and as such is best suited for display. The bowling ball decanter stands 13" tall as measured to the top of the finial and is 8.5" across at the widest point of the ball. The pedestal foot is 6.375" in diameter. The decanter itself is 8.5" tall and is 4.25" in diameter at the foot. The shot glasses appear "as new" and stand 2.875" tall. They are 1.75" in diameter at the mouth and 1.25" in diameter at the foot. Each glass has a 1 oz. capacity.
The complete set weighs in at 6 lbs 2 oz.

This highly collectible bowling ball cocktail dispenser set speaks volumes. A great vintage find!





    Sorry, No Refunds


    Sunday pick-ups from 1-4pm at St. Thomas Whitemarsh 7020 Camp Hill Road, Ft Washington, PA 19034; please wear a mask

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